Hi! It’s me! Lily!

So it’s May the fourth!  It’s Star Wars day!!!  I watched Star Wars a long time ago but I forgot it!  haha!!! So we watched it again tonight!!! We watched episode 1 tonight! It was really good!!!  Darth Vader is SCARY!!!  hooo haaaa hooo haaaa  HAHAHA

Dave breathed into a coffee mug and scared the CRAP out of me!!!  So the pranks are back on, are they???  I thought that was over when he put cheyenne pepper in chocolate pudding!!!  Hey, wait.  I still owe him for that!!

I hear the first three (earliest) episodes are really good and the rest stink.  Oh well.

Tomorrow it’s supposed to storm!  YAAYYY!! I like storms!! As long as they don’t drop ice or tornadoes!!!  Tornadoes suck!!! Literally!!! But I wouldn’t have met Diana if it weren’t for the tornado, so… yay?  No.  I like Diana, but I’d still rather not have seen a tornado.

Jack likes Star Trek better than Star Wars!!! I like them both!  They’re different!!!  But Picard is pretty hot!!!

Don’t tell Jack though!  hahah!!

Love you all!!! ❤

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