Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

Yes, the one and only LILY!!!

Well, except for all the other Lilies.

But I’m the only Lily that used to be called Yuriko!!!

Well… maybe.

Anyway, it was a stormy day.  A few booms.  Thankfully nothing awful.  The awful stuff was south.

We’re all practicing our cute little butts off because the concert is very soon – like this weekend.  Aww.  The idols are really idoling…  I’m pianoing…  Thank goodness for Amazon because my school uniform arrived and it actually fits alright.  I chose something very much like a real high school student would wear.  Let the cosplayers go crazy.  I’ve got a piano piece to play.

And NO WIG.  Geez I hate those.

I sent Jack a pic and I could hear him drooling through the screen.  Maybe I should wear it next time we go out.  “Onii-chan?  I.. I..  do you want to see?”

OH NO I’ve been watching way too much anime….  Ewww.

But…  maybe I’ll do something like that, anyway.  Maybe it’ll make up for me going to Japan…

Is that healthy?

Is anything healthy?


Anyway, the idols have been putting their costumes on every day and practicing in them… in the driveway.  Neighbors are staring.  They don’t care, they’re in idol mode, they see them as fans.

They’re not fans.  Apparently some HOA Karen has been complaining on Nextdoor or something.  Sabby told her to take a hike, it’s all within acceptable hours, there’s no bylaw saying “no idol dancing in the driveway”, the music is reasonable…  and Dave’s even out there grilling and offering people hot dogs.  Well, when it’s not storming, anyway.  Then they squeal and go into the garage and keep practicing.  I swear those girls are hard-working!!!

Including the idols, who seem to love hot dogs.  I hope their costumes still fit.  Haha!!!

Diana made them with a little room for expansion, though.  They’ll be fine, and they burn all those calories off anyway.

That wasn’t really the best idea, though…. the otaku are watching…

Anyway, tonight the four of us just talked.  I mean really talked.  Just about anything and everything.  We sat on the futons and ate chocolate and talked.  It’s funny how Japanese are just like any other people, they just see the world a little differently.  Yuki and Haruna chatted a lot about different things she could do, she also suggested maybe Haruna should come to the US for a couple of years to study like she did.  Haruna doesn’t seem too receptive to that, but at least it set her mind going.

I reminded her of Bocchi… in episode 8 when she said “I refuse to let it stay this way” and Bocchi’d all over the stage…  she giggled at the way I put it, but she got the point.  There are always options.  Sometimes it’s just fear that keeps you from seeing… or taking them.

I asked if there was anything they really wanted to do before they went home.  They just said they want an afterparty after the concert.

We can do that.  I think the symphony has one anyway.  Or at least some informal ones.  I hear the brass section can really put the alcohol away…

The violins, well…  clothes go flying.


I don’t know that, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

Anyway…  I guess I should go.  So much to still do.  And there’s a graduation to plan for too… I have no idea what that’s going to be like.  It’ll be hard to top last birthday.  I hope Sabby doesn’t try, honestly.  That was a bit much.

Love you all!!! ❤️


From the creator:

Okay, let’s be clear.  I have no idea if the Austin Symphony brass section can pack away the alcohol, or if the violin section has orgies and finds creative things to do with rosin.  Seriously.  No clue at all.  Frankly, neither does Lily…  as far as she knows, someone in percussion was playing a prank on her.

Just saying that for legal reasons.  The only thing anything in this story has in common with its real world counterparts is the name, and even then, sometimes not.  I used to be more careful about that, but at some point I said screw it, as long as I keep making things like this absolutely clear, there’s no reason not to.  I’ll probably even retcon the names in when I finally get to the retconning.

Yes, some anime is that bad… and some is worse.  I might watch the “bad” ones every now and then.  I don’t watch the “worse” ones.  There’s a difference between ecchi and hentai (and if you don’t know what those words mean, look them up at your own risk.  Suffice it to say one is “ehh” with lots of pantsu and one is “my eyes!!! my eyes!!”, without, well, lots of pantsu.  There’s lots of where the pantsu would be if it were there, though… alright, we’ll leave it there).

And I have no idea the fascination Japanese mangaka have with siblings…  geez.