crystal davis

Birthday: October 17, 2007

Height: 5’4″




Crystal Davis is one of Lily’s little sisters, and one of Beth’s two best friends.  They met her at a homeless shelter, where she and Beth got along like oil and water.  Crystal shoved some food in Beth’s face, calling her a “Rich girl”, and was made to apologize, very incincerely.

However, Sabby got the idea to invite the Davis’ over, forcing the two to get to know each other, and eventually they became fast friends.

As the story progress, we find out a lot of things about Crystal’s stay in the homeless shelter.  She was assaulted by one of the other residents, a fact which came out in a very unexpected manner.  After this, she appeared to get better, but in October, 2022, she attempted suicide.

She recovered, but the scars are still there.

She currently wants to start a band with her friends, seeing it as a way to insure against having to live in a homeless shelter ever again.

She considers Lily to be one of the most important people in her life, and she considers Lily to be her legit big sister.  Every now and then the scars show themselves, but Lily and Beth and her other friends are always there to help.