Birthday: meow

Given name: unknown

Height: 5’11”


Cat-girl is an enigma.  She was originally hired on part time at Lily and Sabby’s shop to help drive business, and she proved wildly successful at that.  But the same exhibitionist tendencies that are a major draw for Sabby’s shop are the same tendencies that tend to get her into a lot of trouble.  On the first few days on the job, she was standing outside holding a sign, and was wearing an “outfit” so skimpy that she caused two car accidents, which caused the police to tell Sabby to tell her to cover up or keep her inside.


She’s been both a blessing and a curse to the shop since then.  On the positive side, she has a very sweet disposition, geniunely doesn’t desire to hurt anyone, and has only the best of intentions.  Also, she is very good at using her body to draw customers in (to the point of doing things she shouldn’t be doing), and has proven to be a major draw.  She is even famous in Japan for being particularly beautiful.

But on the other side of the coin, she is something of a loose cannon, very difficult to rein in and causing a lot of trouble by wearing, or not wearing, things that could cause both her and her employer to get into trouble, legal or otherwise.  So while Sabby and Lily keep cat-girl on a VERY tight leash (which Lily suspect she wouldn’t mind if that were literal) she’s still, on balance, helpful, and Lily and the other girls get along with her pretty well.

We don’t know her name yet or really anything about her.  That may change.