liz tang

Birthday: July 4, 2005

Given name: Tang Zhi Ruo (唐芷若)

Height: 5’4″



Liz is Lily’s best friend.  They met not long after Lily started attending school after the Smiths took her in, and they became fast friends.  We haven’t heard a lot about the story about how they became friends yet, but we do know that Liz lives a few doors down from Lily, and that both of them consider each other to be family.

Liz is American but of Chinese descent, and her parents are fairly traditional.  Because of that, she had a well-off but somewhat cold childhood, where her parents expect much from her but didn’t give her a lot of love or affection.  This started to change in the middle of the story when she finally opened up to Lily, and Sabby called them out on it.  This started a chain of events that led directly to Lily finding her boyfriend Jack, who is Liz’s cousin.

She is very smart, being skilled at many different things.  She is a skilled violinist, and is also very academically successful, consistently getting high grades and having many lessons and classes to attend when she’s not attending school. She values Lily’s ever expanding “sister harem” because it gives her a chance to have fun and blow of steam with girls her age, and she gets along well with everyone.  She is a beautiful girl, and has a boyfriend, but has otherwise been more interested in her studies than dating.

Liz and Lily both love each other at least as much as true sisters do, and they spend a lot of time together and value each other’s company greatly.