diana luciana garcia

Birthday: january 31, 2007

Height: 5’4″


We don’t know a whole lot about Diana from before we met her.  She met Lily in the Round Rock tornado of March 2023, where her house was damaged (but not destroyed) and she and her mother needed a temporary place to stay while their house was repaired.  So their church put them in touch with Lily and family, and that’s how they met.

Diana is a proud hispanic with a large family, but she has a single mother and doesn’t have much to do with her family for reasons that we haven’t yet been told.  Other than having a broken family, she sems to have had a decent childhood and is a girl with generally happy disposition, but she gets a little lonely sometimes.  She values Lily and her “sister harem” because, as an only child with a single mother, she likes being around people who love each other.

She has fairly traditional values, but loves hanging around with Crystal because it makes her feel a little like she’s taking a walk on the wild side.  She stays away from cat-girl, though.