Elizabeth (Beth) Sabrina Smith

Birthday: March 25, 2007

Height: 5’5″


Beth Smith is Lily’s little sister.  She was born to a typical middle class family in 2007, and had an otherwise uninteresting life, right up until she ended up with a new, unwanted big sister.  When Lily came into her life in 2020, she was not happy with the situation, and made sure Lily (and everyone else) knew it at every possibly opportunity.  She was mean and very awful to Lily for quite a while, until one day when she’d simply decided she’d had enough and offered to be Lily’s sister instead.  Lily, being herself and also knowing not to look a gift horse in the mouth, accepted, and they’ve been sisters ever since, in every sense of the word.

Beth is a very smart but very hot-headed girl, who always says what she thinks and never backs down.  This causes a lot of issues, particularly with her mother, Sabby, with whom she has nearly come to blows several times.  In addition to being smart, however, she is beautiful (Lily describes her as “supermodel beautiful”), with milk-chocolate skin, lovely hair, and a beautiful face, and could easily become a model if she wanted.  She hasn’t however, preferring to sit in her room and read books about theoretical physics.

Over the past couple of years that we’ve gotten to know her, she has gradually mellowed somewhat, and she and Lily have become very close to each other.  She and Lily brush each other’s hair almost every night and sometimes sleep together when there’s a particularly bad thunderstorm or one of them has had a very bad day, and Beth has recently taken up singing. While she isn’t sure if she wants to be a singer, she does want to sing in the band that her friend Crystal is forming.  If she can manage to rein in her formidable temper, she has quite a bit going for her in the future.

She currently does not have a boyfriend, though she wants one in the future if she meets the right boy.

Her best friends are Crystal and Diana, though she gets along well with all of Lily’s friends too, and often they all have sleepovers together.