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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

And storms are coming!!!  I can see the flashes!!!  We’re getting a light show!!!

But that’s okay.  We need the rain.

We don’t have much room in the garage though, and we can’t move the car already in there because it doesn’t have an engine, so I just hope we don’t get hailed on!!!  That’d suck!!!  They really got it up north!!!

Well, weather’s gonna weather, I guess.

So the heads arrived today!!!  Yaayy!!!  We spent a part of the day getting the crank and pistons in.  It’s not *hard*, really.  We just put some bearings on with a bit of assembly oil, make sure they’re fit right, and then just fit the crank on and torque down the caps!!!  It’s pretty easy!  Just not something you can get away with messing up.  But we did it!

Then we flipped the engine over and put the pistons in!  We had to put the rings on (and there’s a certain way to do it), then there’s a tool called a ring compressor you put on the piston, and just tap it in!!!  Then you put a bearing on the rod, and torque that down too!  It’s not hard either!  It’s just something you can’t mess up!!!

But it’s fine.  We did it.  Everything’s good.  The crank spins and the pistons piston and everything’s cool!

We’ll put the heads on soon, and then we have to make sure everything’s all lined up!!!

Dave told me he’s proud of me for doing this.  I told him he didn’t give me much choice.  He said that’s true, but I did it anyway, and I’m doing a really good job, and he wants me to learn how to do this stuff so I don’t think it’s hard.  Plus mechanics like to take advantage of pretty girls like me and now they won’t be able to.

I won’t lie – I blushed a little when he called me pretty.  I mean I don’t like him that way, obviously, but every girl likes a compliment if the man giving the compliment actually means it.  Right?

And even if I did like him that way – which I don’t, I wouldn’t like him that way because I also love Sabby and I’m not an idiot or a jerk.

And I got Jack, who’s plenty for me.

And he’s my father.

ANYWAY, that’s done.  I did some practicing too, I have to memorize the concerto and know it backwards and forwards, and that’s hard because there are a lot of notes!  A lot of notes!  Especially towards the end!!!

But it’s not about the notes – it’s how they fit together.  So I can manage.

Okay!  I hear rumblies and I should let Marie out to do her business before we get pounded!  I wish dogs used litter boxes like cats!  But their stuff smells, so maybe better they don’t!  Haha!!!

Love you all!!! ❤

Even if you’re silly-billies!  And you are!  Hahah!!!

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