Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

I went to see the conductor today!!!  We did a playthrough of the concerto.  It didn’t go well, but no one expected it to.  Usually the first few rehearsals never quite go right while everyone figures out what goes where.  Mostly my fault, but I at least knew all the notes and was competent enough.  The conductor said it wasn’t a big deal, and I good enough we can work through it.

Yuki came with me and brought the arrangements for her songs.  After she sat patiently through my part, she handed the parts and scores out.  And… they read them!  I mean, it wasn’t perfect, but they got the hang of it pretty quickly.  Yuki said she wants to talk to the conductor about how things are a little different with j-pop, but she was pretty happy.

The conductor seemed impressed too.  He said they were good arrangements.

As we were going home, she told me how impressed she was that I got to perform with an orchestra like that.  I said she’s going to get to do the same thing, but she said it wasn’t the same thing.  She’s just singing and dancing, what I do takes skill.  I guess I couldn’t argue that.

Her idol friends are coming in a couple of weeks and they’ll stay for a month or so, long enough to do the rehearsals and perform.  That should be interesting.

And that rumor is ALREADY on LINE.  How the….  how do they know it so quickly?  Japanese otaku are already saying they want to buy tickets.  And not a small number of them, too.  Austin should give me a medal for promoting tourism.  They’re saying “Yuki and train onee-chan are having a concert!!!”

Geez…  Well, so far I haven’t had an actually obsessed otaku go after me yet, but sadly, there may be a first time for everything.

Jack’s prom is next Friday.  I’m not really nervous or anything, but… I’ve never been to a prom.  And I haven’t really met many of Jack’s friends at school.  I’m not sure how I feel about that.  But he says it’ll be alright, he only says good things about me.


Anyway, my dress is ready and I’ve got a hair appointment and everything, so it should be fine.

Okay!  It’s Friday night and most of the girls are over.  I’m full of pizza and chocolate, now time to play games, watch anime, do hair brushing and nails, and giggle until Sabby slams open the door and tells us to go to bed.

That happens a lot more than either Sabby or I would like…

Oh… ummm… wait.


OH NO!!!

Yuki is (or at least was) a professional dancer.  Maybe I’ll ask her, but it’s also maybe not her kind of dance…

Love you all!!! ❤️