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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

I was looking back at my old posts from a year ago, when I went to Japan the first time, and I was struck by the similarities between what Emiko did for me when I was missing my family on Lily Day, and what I did for crystal.  It was actually almost the same!!!  A year ago, I was crying and Liz comforted me, and this year Crystal was crying and i comforted her.  And then Emiko took me to a shrine to do an ema, and I Crystal did an ema too.  And Emiko took me to a Japanese garden and that’s when she became my family, and then I took Crystal to a Japanese garden and that’s where she found some peace.

Maybe Japan is a magical place… or maybe that’s the power of family.

Or maybe a bit of both.

Katie did get some sleep, and she’s doing better now.  And I know (a little) how to take care of a baby.  It’s easy.  Make sure what goes in is healthy and timely.  Make sure what comes out is quickly removed.  And make sure to listen when she fusses.  I mean, I’m sure there are advanced classes, but that’s not too bad, I guess.  Except, like I said, dirty diapers are FOUL.

Oh well.  Comes with being a woman I guess.  I’ll have my share of diapers someday.

Today I took Allison and her friends school shopping.  Her parents were really busy, with their move and everything, and I was glad to do it.  Allison has three neighborhood friends (that i know of!), two pretty Indian girls and one, well, pretty non-Indian girl.  All three of us and Sabby (just to be careful) went to the school supply store and they loaded up.  They all had papers saying everything they needed, and by the time they were done, I think they bought up half the store!!!

Allison’s a bit nervous about her new school, though.  I told her that she’ll make lots of new friends and find lots of fun stuff to do.  She told me she’ll miss choir, and I said maybe she should see if she can start her own!!!  I hear choir is fun.

Then I took them for chocolate frozen yogurt.  Did I mention it’s hot!!!

After I took them back, Jack and I went on a date.  Usually I’d put subscriber content here, but it’s enough to say that there would be subscriber content if I wasn’t lazy, so fill in the blanks.  It was nice to spend some time with him, though, and I saw Grace too, who was chittering and chattering just like the rest of my sisters do!  She’s starting school too, and she’s looking forward to it!  I bet she’ll make lots of friends!  Everyone loves Grace, did I tell you that???

I think I’ll sleep well tonight.  Jack always has that effect on me.

Love you all!!! ❤️

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