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Hi! It’s me! Lily!

An early post!  I’m feeling a lot better now!  My fever broke last night and I was all sweaty!

Sabby wants me to stay home today just to be safe, and I I could certainly use the rest, but I had a nice lunch and am just kind of puttering around the house in my (not telling!) pajamas and making a nuisance of myself.  I have been reading the Harry Potter books more – I finished Prisoner of Azkaban.  Interesting!  JK Rowling made quite a world!!!

I can think of a few spells I’d like to use on karens!!!

But life goes on.  Tomorrow I’m going back to work, but Sabby wants me to register for classes at the local community college!  So she and I are doing all the paperwork today.  We’ll see how that turns out!  Also, I think next week, I’m getting my real driver’s license!  The one where I don’t have to have Dave or Sabby in the car with me!  They’re fine with that, they think I’m a pretty responsible driver.  I am!  I’ve got too much stuff to do to crash into things!

Though I’d better not drive with NyQuil!  Hahah!!!

So it looks like I’m going to have a really busy few weeks!  Glad I got getting sick out of the way now!!!  I…  need to talk to the owner where I work.  If I’m going to ACC, I might have to work around classes and stuff.  I may even need to just focus on classes for a while.  But I’m okay with that.  Work is fun but if I have to choose, well, Sabby wants me to focus on school.  That could solve the problem with college too, because if I take a couple of years of community college, I can transfer into a “real” college without worrying about my other transcripts!!!  Yay!!!  They don’t have music classes, but they do have Japanese classes!!!

Oh, I have other news too!  The lawyer called me today, and said that… oh, I can’t tell you here, yet.  But I’ll have news soon!  Maybe good news!  He didn’t want to bother me on my vacation, though.  I like our lawyer!  He’s nice!!!

I talked to Ai today!!!  She misses me!  I miss her!  But I’ll see her on Christmas!  Maybe I’ll order KFC to make her feel at home!!!  I gave her a virtual pat on the head and she laughed!!!

And I talked to Grace too!!! I told her I was looking forward to seeing her!  She’s so happy to be seeing her auntie Lily!  She’s so cute!

And I have… other reasons to be happy to see Jack!!!  I’m blushing!!!

OMG so much stuff happening!!!  It’ll be fun!!!

Love you all!!! ❤

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