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Hi!  It’s me!  Lily!

Today was a pretty boring day.  A boringly boring day.  I ran in the morning, we did school, had lunch, did more school, did “homework”, ate dinner, watched the cat wash its butt…

But not every day can be exciting and full of fun, right?

I had a Japanese lesson today.  I learned some useful phrases.  “tadaima” means “I’m home!”.  “ittekimasu” means “I’m leaving!”  “gomen nasai” means “I’m sorry!”  I also learned that this is called “romaji”, and it’s not really a great way to learn Japanese.  They just kind of start us off with it so we can feel like we’re learning something.  My sensei is really cool, but a bit strict.

I was given five characters to practice writing and memorize:  ka ki ku ke ko (かきくけこ). Oh did I mention my tech friend taught me how to enter in Japanese characters?  That wasn’t easy!  And there are a lot of them!  Oh well, I guess I’ll try.

There is an anime convention in my area in a couple of months, actually, at the local resort!  When I found out about it I begged Sabby to go.  But she’s not sure.  She is all for my learning Japanese, but she thinks the things people get up to at those conventions can be a bad influence, like cosplaying, etc.

Truthfully, I kind of agree.  But only kind of.  I saw some lady on Youtube who was into “kawaii” dresses. It has another name, but that name has a different (and harder to explain) meaning in English than in Japanese, so I’ll leave it at “kawaii”.  It’s just cute, frilly, old fashioned dresses with lots of bows and headbands and ruffles and stuff, and I really like it!  I want to see if I can find someone with those kinds of dresses there!  Sabby isn’t sure, because they look expensive, but maybe I can learn how to make them!  Maybe I can take Sabby with me, and she can learn about it too!  What I don’t understand is the cat ears.  I just don’t get that.  Why would I want to be a cat?  All ours does is laze around and wash its butt.

But I won’t hold my breath. I love Sabby, but she’s not really too experimental.  I guess that’s understandable, given her background.

I feel a little bad for Sabby, if I’m honest.  She puts up a strong front, but she’s got a chewy center.  I hope she can find healing someday.  I’m not sure she likes how much detail I put here, but if she wants me to tone it down or stop, I’m sure she’ll tell me.  It makes a good story, and I think she appreciates that.  Besides, she’s important to me.

Oh well.  Wednesday approacheth!  And so doth September!  People call it hump day.  I’ve never been able to figure out why.

Love you all!!! ❤️

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