Subscribe for fanservice!  This is content that is simply for fun, and has no bearing on the story or characters.  Want to see cat-girl doing her thing?  You’ll find it here!  (Eventually).

The characters won’t acknowledge the existence of this fanservice, and it may include characters acting in contravention to their story.

Fanservice will only be available for characters that have reached eighteen years old or older in the story (though after the story ends all characters will magically become of age and all bets are off).  At the time of this writing, that excludes Beth, Crystal, Diana, and a few others.  Also, (mostly) no nudity and no X rated stuff here!  Lily doesn’t mind showing off here, but there are limits!

Note also:  if you’re easily offended, skip it.  You’ll miss nothing important to the story, and it’s just pictures and stuff of characters being a little bit naughty.  Well, in cat-girl’s case… a lot naughty.