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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

Everyone’s here!!!

I went to pick them up from Houston at around 2 PM, and they were pretty much dead on their feet.  We got all their luggage into the car and herded them all in, and they seemed torn between seeing all the sights and sleeping.  Sabby was with me (we had enough room, but barely) and all the girls chatting in the back in Japanese kind of unnerved her a bit.  They were saying things like “the roads are so wide” and “look at the cows!”.  Nothing Sabby really needed to know about.  We got them home, and they were so tired we just gave them some snacks, and then pulled out the futons and let them sleep for a little while.  They woke up a little later and we all just sat around chatting.  Their English isn’t very good so Dave, David, and Sabby were having a heck of a time communicating.  While my Japanese isn’t perfect it’s better than theirs, and my English is better than the girls’, so I ended up translating.  It was kind of fun.

I think they’re overwhelmed.  Poor girls.

They’re kind of wide awake right now because it’s around morning their time, so we’re going to spend a little time chatting and playing games.  As I thought, they’re not huge on the girl piles, so they’re just going to sleep in their futons.  I don’t mind.  It’s all about cuddling, not forcing.  They did say the futons are pretty comfy, and Marie and Cat are insisting on cuddling with them, so there’s a bit of cuddling going on.  I think Marie really likes Mariko.  Maybe she smells like rice?  I don’t know.  I can’t read Marie’s mind.

They kind of cooed over David, which both seemed to make him really happy and really embarrassed all at the same time.  They said something like “He looks like an anime little brother!” and I fell over laughing.  He… kinda does, actually.  He even scratches his head.

I’m going to have them try to get some sleep tonight.  We have a lot planned tomorrow.  The girls are going to come over and we’re going to try to practice.  It’ll be different with an audience.  And Yuki’s going to come over too to meet them.  I told them they get five minutes to fangirl, and then they’d better treat her like anyone else.  They laughed, but I just gave them a death glare, and then they agreed.  I told Yuki that’s what I told them, and she said that’s fine, she’ll even sign an autograph if they ask.

Yuki’s pretty nice, all told.  Being an idol traumatized her but she didn’t really mind being an idol, it was the industry and fans that she got disgusted with.

Beth’s in with us tonight.  The rest of the girls didn’t come over tonight, I told them the aidols would be really jet-lagged and it was best to let them sleep.  They agreed.  We’ll make up for it tomorrow.

Love you all!!! ❤️

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