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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

Happy New Years!!!

You know I forgot to change the banner on this site, it’s said “happy new years” for a whole year.  But…  the great thing about that is, it all came around and now it’s correct again!  Haha!!!  We’ve got lots of people here, and lots of snacks, and a little booze, but that’s just for the adults.  I guess in Japan you have to be 20, but Yuki’s the only one old enough to drink there.  So it’s root beer for us.  I don’t mind!  I like root beer!  But… Japanese people don’t.  They say it tastes like medicine. Yuuko took a sip, and, well… we found something she won’t eat.

Anyway, we have snacks, and ordered pizza, and it’s a party!!! We’re all playing games and waiting for the countdown and eating snacks.  Grace is here and trying to stay up, but she’s already getting droopy eyes, aww.  But we’re gonna let her try!  Allison is here too, with her parents, and she and Grace are having fun trying to stay up.  It’s cute.

I expect we’ll be putting blankets on them soon.

The aidols love Grace!  But everyone does, really.  Minami is playing with her and Marie, it’s cute.  Minami’s doing a little better.  I think she’s just kind of accepting how things are, and she’s looking forward to her audition when she gets back to Japan.  I guess they already have it scheduled and everything.  She told her father and he’s happy for her, though he’s too busy working to talk much, I guess.  He’s on her side, though.

Her mother isn’t too happy with it, but there was a bit of a yelling match on the phone, and, well, she’s doing it anyway.  She says it’s like she lives on her own anyway, if she has to actually live on her own, well, she won’t be taking care of her useless mother anymore.

Japanese people usually don’t say stuff like that.  She must be really annoyed.

I should go.  There’s a card game starting and I want in.

Love you all!!! ❤️

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