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Hi!  It’s me!  Lily!!!

And if Jack were here, I’d kiss him within an inch of his life!!!!!

He didn’t forget Valentine’s Day!!!!

And when I say he didn’t forget it – he REALLY didn’t forget it.  You know what that silly billy did?  OMG he sent me chocolate!!!  But not just chocolate!!!  Chocolate with cherry!  Chocolate with cream!  Chocolate with rum flavor!  White chocolate!  Pink chocolate!  Chocolate I’d never heard of before!  Sooooo much chocolate!  But he sent flowers with it too!  Lilies!  Lots and lots of lilies!!!

He got my present to him, too.  I didn’t write about it because it would tip him off.   But he has it now so I can tell you.  I know what he’d really like but I can’t give him that until we’re both eighteen, so I wrote him a story.  A very…  nice story.  About all the ways I love him, and all the ways I’d..  show it.

And I also gave him some very expensive cologne.

I think he liked the first gift better.  Boys.  Hahah!!

He got a job now, did I tell you?  It’s nothing special, he’s working after school at a local Krogers – it’s a grocery store up in Ohio, like HEB here.  I guess he’s doing bagging and cart-wrangling. He doesn’t have as many karens.  I wonder why.  Maybe in a grocery store, they go after the people that don’t work there.  Hmm.

I’m soooo glad he sent me something!  He loves me!!!

Anyway, David-cook-gate is still ongoing.   Why do we call everything -gate?  Dave tells me it was some kind of political scandal in the 70s, but I wasn’t even born then, so I guess it’s just a fitting word.  Cookgate?  Davidgate?  Sabbyscrewedthepoochgate?  She did apologize but David is clearly hurt.  I think he feels like Sabby set him up for failure.  And honestly?  She kinda did.

But I’m not talking to her about it.  I think she knows what she did.  There’s no point in rubbing it in.  I wonder how she’s going to make it up to him.

David certainly has a lesson to learn, but…  maybe a different way.

Anyway, tonight, we watched a movie anyway.  David was a bit sullen, but he watched it with us.  Liz came over too.  She asked what was going on, I just said that there was a bit of drama, but Beth and I were fine.  So we’re going to sleep over again!  I do hope this blows over soon.

Love you all!!! ❤

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