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Hi!  It’s me!  Lily!

And it got coooooooold!

And it’s going to get coooooooolder!!!

And.. ICE!!!

I hope it’s not as bad as last year.  Last year the power went out and our neighbors had busted pipes and it was awful!  I saw people going outside with buckets to collect ice and snow for water!  You wouldn’t expect that in a major city, but it happened!  Tomorrow will be freezily freezing (how’s that?) but it should be better by Friday.

Sabby and I went to the store tonight and it was stripped bare!  Texans are weird!

No driving for me!!!

We have flashlights and power banks and matches and candles and everything we need!  So we have it covered if the power goes out again!!!

We had our meeting today with everyone – the lawyer, the owner, the IRS pencil-pusher, and Dave and Sabby too.  They all came over to the house (Sabby had cookies!) and we hashed it all out.  The IRS lady was all business and very rude in the beginning, but she eventually was satisfied that there was no funny business going on, and towards the end she even seemed a little sympathetic.  She took down all the information, got copies of the documents, and went back to do whatever it is people do at the IRS.  She said something about moving from one account to another, and asked the owner to submit a new W2 form with the correct SSN and send it right to her.  He said he’d do that this week.

So yay!  It all ends well!!  I hope.

We also went to get my passport photo and we’ll send the application when everything unfreezes!!!  I’m going to Japan!  Someday…

Oh oh oh!  A package arrived today!  Dave signed David and Beth up for one of those subscription electronic project services for kids!  It looks like fun!  But I didn’t get one!  He had something else for me!  He got me one of those build-it semi-working models of a car engine!  It’ll take me hours to put together, and that’s my assignment for the rest of the week!  And then after I have to explain to the rest of the family exactly how the engine works!!!

So fun!  And I learn how to use tools too!  I mean I’ve used them before, but not like that!!  And once that’s done he has some other ideas!!  He’s having me do different projects because I’m older and he wants to give me harder stuff.  I told him I bet Beth can handle it.  He agreed, but said to trust him, there’s a reason he put David and Beth together.

I asked if Liz could help, and he said no, this one was all mine.  If Liz helps then I don’t learn anything.  I pouted but I guess he has a point.

I’m actually looking forward to it!!!

Anyway, I guess that’s it.  We’ll see how well we get through the next couple of days, with all the ice.  Eww ice.

Love you alll!!!! ❤

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