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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

It was a day, I suppose.  Much like any other day.  I got up, ran, went to church…  I didn’t really have a message but the pastor and I did a little skit, which was fun.  He’s not a bad guy, especially since he’s kinda pulled the stick out after the supernatural beatdown he got through me.  I practiced a little, and the girls came over to do our band practice.

Crystal is still improving so much.  She’s nowhere as good I am musically, but technically… she’s better than all of us at the guitar.  That’s not hard, I suppose… but she’s also probably better than all of us at songwriting, and she’s still improving.  She also wrote a song for Beth.  It was just as sweet as the one she wrote for me, but it was a little more…  friend-romantic, I suppose.  If that’s a word.  She’s not interested in Beth that way but her feelings run very, very deep and very, very broad.  She loves Beth.  I mean she really loves Beth.  She would do anything in the world to see Beth smile, and…  she said as much in her song.

In fact, she apparently feels really, really bad about… what she did a couple of years ago.  Because it hurt Beth.  She really hates that she hurt Beth.  Beth slapped her, and she thinks she deserves it, and thinks Beth should have done worse.

Anyway, I saw her give the song to Beth, and then she kind of turned away, blushing a little, and picking at her guitar.

Beth read it…. tears sprang out, she ran over to Beth, took the guitar, put it down, and then crushed her in the biggest hug I’ve ever seen, crying hysterically.  Then Crystal started crying too, and, well…  we all did too.  It was one of those beautiful sister moments that you can’t plan but you always treasure.

I’m Crystal’s big sister.  Beth is.. just Crystal’s sister.  In every meaning of the word, and a few that don’t apply to me (a few meanings of “big sister” don’t apply to her either, but they’re different).

She promised Diana one, too.

I don’t know how deep her feelings are about Diana, but if they’re anything like the rest of us…  sisterhood means something to her.

And I love that about her.  I really love that about her.  Crystal is such a rough girl sometimes… battered, beaten down, hurt, hurt badly…  to the point where any one of us might not have survived.  She almost didn’t.  But her heart survived.  Her heart survived and it is so big, and…  all of her sisters mean everything to her.

I hope Crystal puts all these songs to music.  I think….  those songs may be her ticket.

Beth wants to write one, now, too.  I wonder how that’s going to turn out.

Maybe someday I’ll share the song she wrote for Beth, but they don’t want me to right now.  I guess it’s a bit personal for now.  I understand.

Anyway…  It’s a nice day out.  Marie got a long walk this afternoon, which, of course, she loved.  Dave grilled, which is always delicious.  And then the girls and I spent the evening watching anime.  They ended up going home, though, they have school tomorrow.

And I have school… and a LOT of practice.

Love you all!!! ❤️

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