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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

More practicing today!!!  Awww!!!  But it’s kinda fun.  Maybe not for everyone who has to listen to me repeat the same thing over and over, but as Dave would say, it is what it is, right?  Shikataganai, can’t be helped.  I have a meeting in a couple of weeks with the conductor to go over it.  I’m not expected to have it perfect by then but at least I should understand what the piece is about.

I guess Crystal is busy practicing too.  Gotta hand it to the girl, she’s sticking with it.  I wasn’t really expecting her to.  I mean, I’m sure she meant it, but learning an instrument is hard work, especially if you’ve never played an instrument or any kind of music before.  But she’s picking it up, I guess.  Even if it doesn’t lead to anything – and it probably won’t – at least she’s learning a pretty useful skill.  Maybe it’s hard to make money with it but it never hurts to know how to play a guitar, right?

Oh, Minami heard back!  She’s in!!! She’s going to be an idol!  But she has to go to the facility and do some training first.  I guess they make them do some exercises and learn how to dance and everything.  They were a little critical but said she has a lot of raw talent and they want to see how far she’ll go.  For her part, she’s over the moon!!!  She video chatted me and I thought she was going to glomp me through the screen!  She’s going to have a heart to heart with her father and see if he’ll put her up in an apartment closer to the studios in Tokyo. (She lives in Saitama if you didn’t remember). If not, well, she may find another place to live for a while.

Her mother is upset, but she doesn’t really seem to care.  From what I hear, I can’t really blame her.  Her father isn’t there, but he’s generally supporting her, and has promised to sign any contracts on her behalf that he has to.  Which gained him no favor with her mother, but I’m not sure he cares all that much either.  It sounds like he might work so much just to get away from her, but I don’t know either of them, so I have no way of telling for sure.

Oh well.  This diary isn’t really a place for talking about Minami’s family situation, is it?

Oh, I have a picture of Diana!  First one I posted here!  She’s really pretty, isn’t she? And I found a more safe for work (and everything else) photo of cat-girl too.  I’ll post that too.  We all love cat-girl but she’s, ummm…  something else, sometimes.

It’s supposed to get really cold early next week.  Awww.

Yuki asked me to give me Minami’s contact info.  She wants to have a heart to heart.  She’s happy for Minami, but… she knows some things.  There’s a reason she left the industry.  I’ll ask Minami before doing that, of course.  For my part, I think Yuki being Minami’s senpai is a great idea.

Love you all!!! ❤️



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