This diary entry is part 14 of 29 in Lily's diary dated 07 - January 2022

Hi!  It’s me!  Lily!

Today was boring!  Boringly boring!  But I like boring!  boring is better than all sorts of drama!  And we might have that drama tomorrow!  I hope not!!!

Dave put his sign up in the garage, right over his workbench.  He’s really proud of it!  Sabby keeps giving me the stinkeye over it.  Finally I said “Sabby, if you hate that present so much, you shouldn’t have let me buy it.”

She sighed.  “I do hate it.  It’s awful.  But it’s between you and Dave.  It’s not going in the house, but…  if Dave likes it, and you wanted to buy it for him…”  She frowned.  “I do hate it though.”


‘It’s… ugly.  And flashy.  And gaudy.  And…”

“And it’s something that Dave doesn’t need at all.”

“I don’t understand men sometimes,” she deflated.  “They seem to like shiny and flashy and pretty things, but they have to be manly.  Can’t have pink or flowers or bows or anything like that, but give them glossy and bright and they’re all over it.”

“We should count ourselves lucky they like pretty things.”

“I suppose,” she sighed.  “I still don’t get it though.”

“And you think they understand why we get our nails done?”

“That’s different!”

“Is it really?  It’s a waste of money because they grow out anyway, and men barely even notice.”

“I hate it when you’re right, Lily,” she pouted.

“I dunno,” I said, play-thinking.  “I kinda like it.”

“Let’s go make sure the car’s all gassed up for tomorrow,” she said.  “You drive.”

So I learned how to pump gas.

Later this evening Dave grilled.  Did I mention I love it when Dave grills?  Oh yum!!!

Love you all!!! ❤

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