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Hi! It’s me! Lily!

And school starts tomorrow!

So Beth and I went to the bookstore and got our textbooks!!!

College textbooks are HEAVY!!!

We ran into that boy that Beth likes there.  She invited him over for dinner this weekend.  He accepted.  Sabby and I and Beth had already discussed this and Sabby said it was fine as long as it was clear it wasn’t a date – she’s not allowed to date until she’s sixteen.  But she can have someone she likes over!

He seems nice.  But you never know.

So after we did all that, we got lunch.  Beth and I haven’t talked a lot lately, so we chatted about stuff and things.  She doesn’t have a whole lot going on in her life, but she seems okay.  She’s a bit happier than she was.  Remember her friends, the ones that Sabby told to take a hike?  Well, they’re… kind of not on a good path.  She’s happy to be rid of them.  Crystal and Diana are good friends – even though she’s still a tiny bit peeved at Crystal.  Aww.  Guess I can’t really blame her.  I guess it’s a sign of how much Crystal means to her as a friend.

Crystal’s a… bit of a wild child, if we’re being honest.  Not like Beth’s old friends – they were just awful people.  But in a a kind of metal or goth-ish kind of way.  I guess those kinds of experiences will do that to you.  She’s doing alright, though.  Every time I come over, I ask how she is.  She says fine.  I tell her she’d better not be lying to me.  She promises she isn’t.  Then she gives me a hug and tells me thanks for caring about her.

Warms my widdle heart.

Diana’s… not.  She’s a good girl.  Makes a mean taco and is teaching Beth a bit of practical Spanish – which is always good.  I learned a little in school.  It’s useful here.  Her mother is kind of traditional, even though her father isn’t in the picture.

Allison’s a good kid too, but she’s more a friend of the family.  Everyone loves her but none of us can “claim” her, if that makes sense.  I think she gets along best with David, but that’s after she put David in his place.  Remember how she took care of him when he pulled her hair?

He deserved that.

But they’re friends now.  Lego fixes everything.

But anyway, Beth is doing better now.  Maybe she’s growing up a bit.

We got home and had a quiet dinner, eating leftover Dave grilling and leftover Dave cake.  It’s a chocolate cake, and well, it didn’t survive me tonight.  Hahahaha!!!  We sure found a winner with the baker.  She’s really, really good.  Sabby’s good.  The baker is a whole other level.  And she’s pretty easy to get along with – we just tell her what we want, pay her well, and she does it.  What more could you want?

Oh!  I should talk about Katie but this is already too long.  She’s fine.  Some other time!

Love you all!!! ❤

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