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Hi!  It’s me!  Lily!

I did my taxes today.



Well, actually, the taxes weren’t bad.  The problem is that my SSN and everything is all screwed up.  I’ve got some deposits in the IRS with one SSN, some in with the other, and maybe there’s an SSN I don’t know about.  It’s a mess!  We talked to the lawyer and he said he’s still trying to get it dealt with!  My boss is having a heck of a time with it too, he doesn’t know what to do!  So we’re all going to meet next week, me, the lawyer, the owner, and somehow the lawyer got someone from the IRS on the line as well, and we’re going to straighten all of this out!

I hope!

My lawyer tells me that I did everything right as best I could, it’s just that this is a very, very, very unusual situation, and the IRS doesn’t work well with unusual situations.

I guess being found on the side of the road has tax implications too!!!

I didn’t tell you the lawyer sent me chocolate!  I guess I’m keeping him busy.  Dave wasn’t too happy with that because, as he puts it, he’s giving the lawyer so much money he can afford to send me chocolates.  I understood.  But I still ate the chocolate!!!

I’d offer to give him some money if Sabby hadn’t made me promise not to!  I guess that’s why she made me promise!  Dave says business is okay, so it’s not a big deal, but it still doesn’t make him happy.  I don’t blame him!  Not at all!

The good news is I won’t owe any taxes!  I didn’t make enough!  So I’ll get a refund!  Not a huge one, but the bonus the owner gave me was taxable too, so…  a bit of one for sure!

So that was a big mess.

Other than that, though, a pretty good day!  After Dave got home from work, he sat the three of us down, along with him and Sabby, and had a family meeting.  He wanted to know how our schooling was going.  I guess our conversation last night got him to thinking.  David said it was boring, but he liked being able to concentrate.  Beth said she didn’t really feel challenged, that she thought being homeschooled meant she would be taught in a way more suited to her, and she didn’t think that was happening.  I said I thought it was okay, but I really would have liked more hands on lessons.  Beth nodded at that.  The consensus was that none of us really felt like we were using home schooling to its full potential.  We were learning, but just by reading out of a book and writing assignments and stuff.

Dave said he and Sabby would take it under advisement.  He asked us what we’d like to do.  David said he wanted to learn how to program and do useful stuff with the computer.  Beth said she wanted to do more actual projects.  I agreed with Beth and said it would be lots more fun if we could see how things worked in the real world.  I liked learning piano and Japanese, but math and science just weren’t interesting.

So after that meeting, we had dinner.  Liz and her parents came over, and we chatted a lot.  Afterwards we all retired to the living room and watched a movie.  Choosing a movie for Chinese people is difficult!  I think Sabby finally gave up and asked them to choose.  They chose “Mulan”.

Something which surprised Sabby, actually.

“Doesn’t Mulan stereotype Chinese?,” she said, puzzled.

They nodded.  “It does.  But the story’s good, and no one here really understands Chinese culture, so it’ll do.”

It was a good movie.

Liz’s parents went home after the movie, but Liz stayed.  SLUMBER PARTY!!!!!!!

I love Fridays!!!

Love you all!!! ❤

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