This diary entry is part 11 of 28 in Lily's diary dated 25 - July 2023

Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

Life’s not fair.

Life’s really not fair.

Oh, I’m not saying it’s not fair to me.  It might not be, but I’ve got a pretty good life.  Something took all my memories, but now I have a good life.  Maybe that’s a fair trade.  But what’s fair for, say, Crystal?  Poor girl didn’t have a choice.  Her parents fell on hard times, they ended up in a shelter, she got, well, assaulted, and maybe none of that would have happened if she hadn’t been in the shelter.  But she was fourteen.  What could she do about it?  Run away and find herself in an even worse position?  It’s not her fault!

But she has to suffer for it.  And I think she is suffering.  She’s not talking to me, but when I heard about the kind of guy her “boyfriend” was…  there’s only two options there.  Either she was with him voluntarily and put up with his abuse, or she wasn’t and got dealt another bad card.

She just gets dealt bad cards all the time.

And what can we do about it?  Maybe her parents can do something… and maybe not!  Sometimes when she’s over you can see it in her eyes…  the hauntedness.  If that’s a word.  You can see the scared little girl.  And then it gets covered up with a dirty joke or…  or something else.  I mean, she’s nice, and she wouldn’t ever hurt anyone… but you can see it.

I wonder if people ever see that in my eyes.

I see it in Jack’s eyes sometimes.

I even sometimes see it in Sabby’s eyes.

Life’s not fair.

And even if I got a pretty good deal… for every me, there’s a Crystal.

Life’s still not fair.

I think I might go stare at a wall for a while before I go to sleep.  Maybe if I’m lucky I’ll cry a little.  Or… or a lot.

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