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Hi! It’s me! Lily!


So after we got up today, we took the train to the ferry to ookunoshima.  It was so pretty!!!  It’s a little cloudy and rainy today in Hiroshima, but the water and mountains and stuff are still really pretty!! It’s flat in Tokyo (mostly), but very mountainous in west Japan!

So we took the ferry to ookunoshima, and there were bunnies!  Thousands of bunnies!  You couldn’t walk more than a few feet without seeing a bunny!!!  And because we purchased some bags of bunny food, they were all over us!  At one point, Liz had a hundred bunnies climbing all over her looking for a handout!  It was cute!!!

But it’s not a perfect island.  Also on that island is a poison gas museum.  Why does everything have to be… tainted, somehow?  A perfect island with hundreds or thousands of warm fuzzy bunnies, and a poison gas museum.  Sigh.

But we took a walk around the island.  There’s a cafe and restaurant there, and we had lunch.  It was delicious!  There’s also a hotel, but we weren’t going to stick around that long.  After a nice walk and lots of bunny feeding and petting, we hopped back on the ferry and went back to Hiroshima.  It’s such a pretty area!  I think I said that!

Tomorrow we’ll take the shinkansen to Osaka!  It’ll be fun!  But tonight we’re just going to take it easy, eat dinner, maybe go out to the bay and sightsee.  I love all the bunnies!  I hope I see them all again and give them lots of yummy lettuce!!!

… believe it or not, carrots really aren’t good for bunnies.

Also believe it or not, Emiko hadn’t been to Hiroshima!  At least not that she can remember! So she’s a tourist just like the rest of us!!!  She loved the bunnies too!!!  I’ve never seen Emiko like a little girl, but she was when she was being overrun by bunnies!

I’m having a wonderful time!  So is Liz!  Liz doesn’t usually gush, but she’s gushing!!!  I think Hiroshi has a bit of a crush on her, but…  no.  He’s David’s age.  But I don’t blame him!  I’d fall for her too if I were a boy!

I talked to Sabby this morning – it was night back in Austin.  Everyone’s doing well.  They miss me, and I miss them.  I love Japan… but I love my family too.  Maybe someday they’ll go to Japan with me!

Love you all!!! ❤

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