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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

Practice practice practice practice practice practice practice practice practice…



But I’ve almost got it now.  I have a meeting with the conductor soon to go over it and make sure it’s ready to start rehearsing with the actual orchestra.  I’m looking forward to that, that’s actually maybe the most fun part.  To take something I’ve been working on for so long and have them add a whole different dimension to it…

And Yuki, well.. that girl’s a powerhouse when she gets going.  I see why she was such a successful idol.  I’ve never seen someone work that hard.  She’s got three different arrangers working on three different pieces at the same time.  I asked her where she got the money, and she said that the symphony would reimburse her reasonable costs, and, well, being a successful idol meant she had some stashed away anyway, so she could front it.  Anyway, she’s got everything well in hand, if it keeps going at this rate, she’ll have something to give to them around the same time I go to meet the conductor next week.

Miki’s group sold a LOT of blu-rays, a lot more than I thought they were going to.  I guess the otaku really wanted those handshake tickets.  They’re kinda taking a break right now, they had a successful launch, so they’re off at the yuuenchi (amusement park) or something.  I guess Miki and Rika got to know each other a bit better and Miki’s now returning Miki’s feelings.  A little.  Girl’s a bit obsessed, but it’s just senpai-kouhai I guess.

There’s a couple of girls there who, I think, well…  rub each other the right way?  How do I even put that?  But it’s not Miki and Rika.  Not telling you who, either.  It doesn’t matter.  Besides even that’s dangerous to say because what if an otaku reads this?  But this isn’t in Japanese, so…

I told Miki about the idols that Yuki wants to come over and perform with her, and she got all starstruck and said if she wasn’t so busy she’d come over here herself just to see that.  Man, Yuki’s pretty famous herself, but she’s not the only one, I guess.

Jack did go tux shopping and sent me a photo… oof.  I gotta cool down.  Boy cleans up nice.  He definitely deserves my slit-leg low neckline tummy-flattening dress Robert got me for the Oscars…

Can you believe I’m saying stuff like this?

My life is sure different than it was when I started this diary.

Oh, I showed Miki the still of me at the Oscars, and I thought she was going to die of jealousy.  I didn’t know why… then she said she had some crush on one of the movie stars.  Guess it all makes sense now.  Even Japanese know about American movie stars.  Though I do think some of them are just jealous of their chests…

Oppai envy!!! Hahaa!!!!

I guess I got mine from Robert’s side of the family, because my build is not Japanese… even though my face is.  Jack is very appreciative of that fact…  eh.. 

Anyway…  guess I should go to bed.

Love you all!!! ❤️

From the creator:

There are videos of some AKB48 idols getting utterly starstruck when meeting movie stars, like Angelina Jolie.  Never understood that myself, but hey, if I got a chance to meet one, well..  okay, bad example.  I wouldn’t care.  But still, fame is fame, eh?

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