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Hi! It’s me! Lily!

And after all the fun and frolicking, it’s been a pretty boring day.  Beth and I are going back to school – I’m taking some more advanced business classes, and Beth is taking science classes.  She’s a bit frustrated because the science classes aren’t all that good at teaching science anymore, but she just kind of keeps to herself.  She’s really interested in theoretical physics, but…  she also says they’re really just guesses about how things work by using math and hoping for the best.  Apparently when things get that small or… well…  immaterial, it’s hard to actually design working tests.

She’s really smart!

We’re still planning for Beth’s birthday.  She keeps whining about wanting to know, but we refuse to tell her.  Why should we?  That’s the point of a birthday!  We get to celebrate her, she doesn’t get to decide how we celebrate her!  But we know she’ll love it.  We’re even… ummm…  no.  Not telling!

Tomorrow we’re taking her dress shopping though, and she’s getting a dress nearly as nice as the one they bought me for the Oscars!  She’s going to look like a supermodel when we’re done with her!  Well, honestly… she already does.

I’m glad I left LA when I did!  They had TORNADOES today!!!  Aww!!! Rebecca was telling us all about it on the group chat!

Well, gotta go, I guess.  Tomorrow’s a busy day.

Love you all!!! ❤

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