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Hi! It’s me! Lily!

And…  the last midterm was today!  Yaayy!!!

But…  tomorrow I leave for LA.

And I’m a little excited… but also not very.

See, when I went to Orlando, I was going with people I knew.  Liz and her parents are very much like my own family, and…  and I had no reason to not be excited.  And it was fun!  And when I went to Japan, it was the same – it was, well, I went with Liz and I already knew Emiko, and I went with her too, so at least I knew some people… and it was fun.

But this… this, I don’t know about.

I mean, I did meet Robert, but…  but I don’t really know him.  Yeah, we’ve been talking a bit, and he seems nice, but I don’t know his wife, and I don’t know Rebecca, and LA seems like such a different place than here.  I’m actually nervous.  And I don’t usually get nervous!  And they told me to bring some sunscreen, and a swimsuit, and some sunglasses… I guess it’s really sunny there!  But it’s sunny here, why is their sun different??

And plus I’m going by myself.  I’ve never travelled by myself before.

But, Lilies forge ahead, right?  I guess it will be okay.  I know if anything bad happens Sabby will rain hellfire down on anyone who causes it.. and she’ll know.  We’ve already figured that out.  I mean, better safe than sorry, right?

And I’m a Lily, so I forge ahead!

Liz is over tonight.  We’re having a sleepover before I have to go to the airport tomorrow.  I’m glad.  Sometimes I’m her rock… and sometimes… like tonight… she’s mine.  I love her, did I tell you that?

Beth is a little jealous, but I keep telling her – if she wants to trade all her memories, she can have it.  She’ll get over it.  Plus I’ll bring her back a present.  She likes presents.

Love you all!!! ❤

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