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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

First of all, I forgot to tell you what the producer emailed me about!!! He wanted me to record a small greeting and send it to him.  Just something like “Hi! I’m Lily, the train big sister!  Nice to meet you all!  Don’t embarrass your big sisters!!!” in Japanese.  So I did that.

Apparently during the premiere he played it on the big screen.  The REALLY BIG SCREEN.  And apparently twenty thousand people waved their glow-sticks and roared, and started to chant “onee-chan! onee-chan!”.  They promised to put it on YouTube…

Can my life get weirder?

Okay, well… I’m sure you want to know how the SAT went.  Well, I took it.  It was a test – I went to the local high school and they shepherded us into a room and we all took the test.  So, shouganai, nothing to be done now.  So I’ll wait two weeks or so for the results.  I don’t think I scored like the highest ever, but I think I scored highly enough that I should be able to do what I want.  I wish and hope.  But again, it’s all over now, so I just wait for the results.

I watched the Blu-Ray they sent me.  It was…  fun, but kind of embarrassing.  The single was on there, and…  it’s amazing that they took that filming session and turned it into that!!!  You could tell they dubbed it in, but it was still really well done.  And I did a pretty good job sitting there and looking annoyed.  Yuki did a pretty good job screwing up her face and telling everyone to shut up, too!  It’s pretty catchy.  I guess they’ll sell a few albums.

Remember how I said I’d get a very small cut?  Well, it is very small.  If they sell a hundred thousand albums, I’ll be lucky to get a few dollars.  But I’m not worried.  They paid me for going there, I got to meet Miki and friends, and it all worked out.  And if I get more than I thought, well, I’ll treat my little sisters again.

Beth kinda-sorta figured out their surprise, btw.  I told her to keep quiet about it, it’s a surprise for a reason.  But she’s a little excited… and a little nervous too.  Hah!!!  There’s a hint.  She didn’t get all the details right but enough to ruin it if she spills.  She’d better not.

Anyway.  Everyone’s over tonight and we’re playing games and eating junk.  Sabby told us we can stay up late tonight as a reward for doing the SATs.  Daylight savings starts tonight too… so there might be a bit of sleeping in tomorrow.  But not a lot… I have “duties” at church.  Aww.

Love you all!!! ❤️

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