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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

I’ve been practicing so much for my recital!  Playing and playing and playing!!!  Doo dee doo!!!  hahaha!!!

Tomorrow night I’m doing a dress rehearsal with my family!!!  We’ll see how that goes!!!  I like most of the music I’m playing, but some of it’s boring to play!!!

And Liz wants me to accompany her at her recital too in a couple of months!!! That might be fun!! I’ve never accompanied before!!!

So otherwise it’s a boring Sunday.  I worked, came home, Dave grilled… ohhh… I love it when he grills!!!  Diana is over today too and was helping with the grilling!  Oh I know what Sabby and Marie talked about!!!  So Sabby isn’t always tactful, but she was this time.  She said that our family really likes Diana and she can come over any time she wants and spend time with the family.  Maria seemed grateful.  She doesn’t seem to have many friends – she has a boyfriend, but the way she talks….  I’m not sure about that.  She was over today too… and after Dave grilled, we went to the park and played with Marie!!!  It was fun!!! Marie loves being the center of attention!!!

It’s so sad how many problems seem to relate to choosing the wrong partner, isn’t it?  Men seem to like to get women pregnant and then leave.  I think I want to get married before I get pregnant.  Just because I want him around!!!  I’m not raising a kid by myself if I have anything to say about it!!!

Everyone’s coming to my recital!  Even Emiko and her family!  When I asked her, she even teared up a bit.  I think she has a lot of regrets and is happy I turned out okay, even though I don’t know how I managed to turn out okay.  And Japanese people like it when their kids succeed, I think!

Well, most do.  I saw a sad video about a homeless Japanese girl…

Anyway, I guess that’s all for today.  Supposed to be storms tonight and tomorrow, but I just looked at the radar, and I swear the one just to our west put its thumbs in its ear, waved its fingers, and blew a raspberry at us as it flounced by.

Love you all!!! ❤

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