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Hi! It’s me! Lily!

And David’s in TROUBLE!!!

OMG kid never seems to learn!!!

So…  he got to his camp.  I guess he didn’t waste any time because they caught him and his “girlfriend” kissing.  Fortunately they didn’t do anything more than that, but the camp immediately called Sabby and she is PISSED.  She basically got him on the phone and told him that he’d better talk quick if he didn’t want her to come and pick him up right now, and he’d be lucky if his “girlfriend”‘s parents didn’t do the same.  I guess the counselors aren’t going to let him out of their sight now.

Kid’s 11!  I mean after all!!!

Sabby said she’d let him stay but if he pulled a stunt like that one more time she’d be coming to get him and he’d be so grounded he wouldn’t be able to leave his room – and she’d take his games.  I think she threatened to give them to a thrift store but I don’t think she’d actually do that.

Don’t tell David though!!!

So I practiced my fingers off today.  They had a rehearsal without me, so I just kept practicing.  We’ll have another rehearsal on Thursday, and then the dress rehearsal is Friday!!!  And Saturday is the concert!!!

I’m a little nervous actually.

But all I can do is practice!  And I’m doing it a lot!!!!

I played it for my piano teacher today and she said it’s really good.  She pulled out her music and accompanied me.  That was fun!!!

I’m over at Liz’s tonight.  No storms, but she’s a little more cuddly than usual anyway.  I wonder why.  Not going to complain, I love my warm Chinese doll!!!

Hahahah!!! She smacked me!!!  But… she doesn’t really put her heart in it.  I think she likes it, deep inside.

WAY deep inside, she just said.  Hahah!!!

Okay.  Goodnight.

Love you all!!! ❤

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