Hello, Lily’s readers.  This is Sabby.

Lily was in an accident last night.  She was coming home from Liz’s graduation and was T-Boned.  Fortunately it was on the passenger side, so while her car is totaled, she is not seriously injured physically.  She has some bruises and she might be limping for a while, but she’s mostly unharmed.  The airbags worked.  She did suffer a concussion though and was unconscious for most of the night last night.

She woke up this morning.  She’s not very lucid, but she’s improving.  She’s going to be in the hospital for a while longer, but she wanted me to write and tell you all.  This diary is very important to her and she, well… she means it when she says she loves you all.

I’ll be bringing her tablet to her, maybe she’ll post something tonight if she’s feeling up to it.  If not, she’ll post when she’s ready.  I’ll let you know if her condition improves or worsens otherwise.

I don’t get a chance to post here very often, partly because she’s really territorial about her diary, and partly because I let her have that part of her life for her own.  I do read every day, though.  I can’t believe it’s only been about four years since she was found, it seems like so much longer.  Beth and David are my biological children, but I didn’t know I had a Lily-shaped hole in my life and heart until she came into both.  Now I have three children, and I have had three children ever since I first met Lily.  Not from when I adopted her, she was my child long before that, even if neither of us really knew it at the time.  I can’t imagine life without her and I was so scared last night when I found out she was hurt.  Seeing her in that hospital bed with all those tubes so vulnerable… it broke me.  I don’t know if I’ll ever forget that horrible feeling.

Liz and Jack are visiting her right now.  I came back to get some of her clothes and effects, and to write this, because she asked me to.  I need to go back to the hospital.  Beth and David are coming with me too.

Beth is really worried.  I remember when she first met Lily and hated her so much.  But she’s grown up so much, too.  All my children have.  Jack, well… if I didn’t think he loved her before, I do now.  He won’t leave her side.  He almost fought the nurses when they told him to leave, until they gave up and just let him sit there.  He’s been holding her hand this whole time.  He’s…  a little rudderless and lazy, but… his heart’s in the right place.  It always has been.  Even if he’s a teenage boy and doesn’t know what to do with it half the time.

The nurses tried to get me to have him evicted as her mother, but I told them she’s been with him for two years now, he clearly loves her, just let him be.  He’s not going to try anything with everyone there, and she’s holding his hand back.  Every time he touches her she seems more at peace, and I’m not going to take that away from her.

Lily says “love you all”, and she will post when she’s ready.  If I don’t post it means nothing’s changed.  I promise I will tell you any important news.  Any prayers would be welcome.

From the creator:

Lily is a fictional character, please don’t waste your prayers on her.

This is a hard arc to write, but it’s absolutely necessary.  I won’t tell you how it ends, but I will say I know when the story is going to end and how, (that has been decided a long time ago) and that is not in a few days with a funeral.  This is necessary for the plot, so Lily will have to go through this.  Sorry, Lily.

My town had an EF-2 tornado on Wednesday.  I was mostly spared, but a lot of the town is damaged or destroyed, due to either the tornado or straight line winds.  If you do want to use a prayer, that wouldn’t be an awful place to put it.  That’s also why I didn’t post.

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