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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

I didn’t post last night because we were busy making preparations for our trip!!!  There always seems to be more to do.  Last night all of us went out into the backyard and practiced putting tents up.  It’s hard work!!!  Even Jack was confused.  Dave had to come save the day.  He’s an engineer!!!  After he did what every engineer who’s a man hates to do and read the manual, we figured it out pretty quickly  He made us put them up, stow them, put them up again, and stow them again, until we all knew pretty much what we were doing.

Dave’s a pretty good engineer and an okay teacher.

But then it was late, everyone went home, and I went to bed.

We’re all looking forward to it.  I’ve heard great things about the Grand Canyon.  It’s a… ummm.. big hole.

At least that’s what David calls it.

He’s not really wrong.

But saying the Grand Canyon is a big hole is kind of like saying I’m a woman.  I am, but I’m much more than that!  I’m a Lily!!! And the Grand Canyon is a Grand Canyon, not a big hole!!!

And if you call me a big hole I’ll smack you!!!

We leave Saturday morning.  It’ll be fun!! I hope.  But…  but I still don’t know if I’ll have net there.  Maybe I will.  If I do, I’ll post something!  Or maybe I’ll tell Sabby how to post here and send her my entries if everything’s spotty!!!  Maybe she won’t mind.

Maybe I’ll have to bribe her with chocolate milkshakes.

It’s worked before.

I’m the chocolate monster, but she’s not far behind.

Anyway, I’m sleepy.  I guess I’ll go to bed now.

Love you all!!! ❤️

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