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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

Because we’;re all going to be out all next week, we had a girls’ night out tonight!!! It was fun!!!  They didn’t come over, but we went out.  We all went to the main event over on 183 and played a few games, then we went to get some fast food.  Fast food isn’t the best, but it’s nice once in a while.  I like a good burger.

Crystal was telling us how good she’s getting on the guitar!  Truthfully, I don’t believe her.  I mean, yes, I absolutely believe she’s improving – you can’t practice as much as she does (her fingers are mush, aww) without improving, but it’s still only been a few weeks.  And she doesn’t really know how to read music or anything.  She just knows how to play some chords and some of the notes.  I mean, that’s great, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t want her thinking she knows more than she does.  Always more practice needed.  She’s not gonna be shredding.  At best she might be able to play a simple three or four chord song, and probably haltingly.

Again – it’s great!!! I know she’ll get good.  I just want to keep her realistic.

Beth, Crystal, and Diana are planning their own mini-outing next week.  They have to be home for Thanksgiving, but Beth has her full license now (yay Beth!) and so they can go places.  They can’t rent a hotel or anything so they can’t stay overnight, but they can find lots of fun stuff to do next week.  They haven’t decided, but they’re leaning towards going to San Antonio to the riverwalk for a day.  Sabby’s really nervous about that, but she also knows that she can’t keep Beth little forever, so she’s being a worry-wart.  They’ll be okay.  Beth can handle herself.

Doesn’t stop Sabby from annoying the snot out of Beth, though.  And Beth has to take it or Sabby might say no, and Sabby’s kind of looking for an excuse anyway.  Beth knows how to behave when it’s in her interest though.

The other parents are okay with it too, but apparently they’re being just as much of a worrywart, and there’s lots of phone calls and texts going on between Sabby, Maria, and Desiree about all the preparations and making sure the car is good and Beth’s up to a long drive and all that.  Apparently Crystal and Diana are getting the riot act about behaving in the car and not distracting Beth, and Beth’s getting read the riot act about being responsible, keeping her eyes on the road, etc.  Wouldn’t surprise me at all if Sabby puts in a dashcam and points it inward.

Crystal and Diana aren’t really old enough to drive yet, so…  it’s all on Beth.

I’m half expecting Sabby or another of the parents to tag along, and that might yet happen.  I think they’ll let Beth drive, but…  they haven’t really decided yet.  I don’t think I’d blame them.  That’s a long first trip for Beth.  And also they can bail them out if something bad happens.  Well, we’ll see.  I’ve got my own stuff to deal with, I guess.

Anyway, it was fun.  I wonder if I’ll be able to sleep tomorrow night.

Love you all!!! ❤️

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