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Hi!  It’s me!  Lily!!!

I like being Lily!  I am cute, and smart, and I think pretty, and… I’m Lily!

But sometimes I don’t understand things.

Sabby and Dave are both kind of on eggshells tonight.  Apparently there is some election going on in Virginia, and they seem to really care how it turns out.  I haven’t really paid attention to whom that they want to win, but they seem to have some really strong opinions.  But I’ve said that I don’t want to talk politics on this blog, and that’s because I don’t understand politics.  People yelling and screaming at each other over things that… well… might matter, but take second place to their humanity.  And all of the different parties have their own way of denying humanity, right?  One party says the other party is evil, and then the other party returns the favor, and truthfully, they’re all a bit evil and a bit good and they might learn something by listening to the other party.  But no, people don’t do that, do they?

I don’t understand people at all.

So I ignore politics but right now it’s hard to ignore them, on election nights it’s always hard to ignore them.  I remember last year Dave and Sabby were arguing, they don’t agree on everything politically.  I guess Sabby voted one way on some things and Dave the other, and then they started bickering and yelling at each other and there was door slamming and all that.  But what’s the point of that?  And Sabby told me that even though some things are happening in the world, she feels like some people want her marriage to fail, just because she’s black and Dave is white.  Some people feel like Dave is the superior one, and some Sabby, but it really hurts Sabby.  A lot.  She loves Dave, even if they fight sometimes, and she hates the idea that some people want her to leave him just because of their skin color, or the other way around.

And that doesn’t make sense to me either.  Sabby is a wonderful person.  She’s got a chewy center, and when she shows it to you it’s like this big, beautiful gemstone that glitters in the light and you just want to sit there and bask in the glitters and glimmers.  And Dave is like this big, easygoing teddy bear who is usually just happy to let life happen, but he loves Sabby fiercely and he loves us too.  Why would someone who doesn’t even know us want to destroy our family?  It’s insane!!!

But politics is the insanity of the mob, I suppose.

So the mood in the house right now isn’t too bad, but it’s a little pensive.  They really care about the outcome.  The thing they really care about is what we’re taught as their children.  They really hate the idea that children are taught things that aren’t in their best interest just so some people can feel better about themselves. That’s one reason they are homeschooling us.  So I think anything that helps stop that, they’re for.  It looks like, from what I’ve seen, a lot of other parents feel the same way.

Soeaking of homeschooling, I think Beth has lost her friends, and Sabby seems worried about that.  I agree with Sabby – Beth needs friends, but good friends who can speak to her on her level and do things with her that they both like.  I’ve got Liz but who does Beth have now?  It seems like a tough problem to solve.  Maybe there should be a friend “dating” site?  Probably a bad idea, I guess.

The one good thing about elections is the emotions tend to recede quickly – there’s always another coming up.  So tomorrow things should be a bit better.  I don’t know yet if Dave and Sabby will be happy or sad.  And honestly, I probably won’t tell you, that’s their business.  And also, I don’t really care that much.  I love Dave and Sabby, but truth is, they can be wrong.  I hope the best thing happens for everyone, even if I don’t know what that is.

I think 18 days to Disney World!  Sabby is tsking and tutting and fretting and making plans and other plans and planning for plans.  I love that she worries about me.  But I think I’ll be fine.

Love you all, and treat each other well!!! ❤️

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