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Hi!  It’s me!  Lily!  Lily Lily Lily Lily Lily Lily Lily!  LILY!

So what a weekend!  Other stuff happened too.  I went to work, I doot dooted, I rode Sabby’s bike, oh hey, I got paid too!  I didn’t tell you that I opened an account!  Sabby is teaching me how to manage money – I don’t have a lot, but what I do have is mine!  I need to take a driver’s education class soon!  My car is sitting there looking pretty, but I have to learn to drive it! I’ve been so busy!

Sabby and my little game with the money has kind of escalated – I put it in her purse, she puts it in mine, I put it in an ingredients jar in the kitchen – I’m pretty sure she’s about to go Claire Huxtable on me, but then I’ll find something different.  Hear that, Sabby?  You’ll never win!  Muahahahaha!!!!!

Who am I kidding.  She’ll win.  Shes a force of nature.  But I’m going to make her work for it!

I can just see her smirking now.  No, really, she’s standing at my door with a $20 bill, waving it around, and smirking.  I wonder where I’ll find it next.

So Sabby talked to Liz’s parents, and we’re going somewhere!  YAAAAAY!  YATTA!!! Liz is excited too!  You know, she’s a good girl, but she doesn’t have many friends – she spends all her time in classes and studying, and the time she spends with me and my family is really the only time she gets to decompress.  They told me they’ll tell me where they want to go soon, but it will be in the country, and they’ll pay for my airfare and everything!  AIRFARE!!! I GET TO RIDE ON A PLANE!!!!  OMG OMG!!!!

They’re going to schedule it for Thanksgiving so it’ll match with Liz’s school vacation, and I’ll talk to the owner to see if I can get the time to do that.  I think he will!  I’m a teenager!  These things happen!!!

Liz was positively burbling!  I’ve never seen her so happy!!!

Beth is a little jealous, I think she thinks that Liz is becoming another sister, and I told her that there’s lots of room for everyone!  Maybe she should think of it as kind of gaining another sister!  She seems unconvinced, but she’s not being mean or anything, she’s just acting a little… off.  I think it’ll be alright.  But I have to schedule some sister time with Beth soon.  It’s hard juggling all these things – Beth, Liz, work, school, even David – We still have to supervise him on his hour playing outside.  I don’t mind any of it!  But it’s tiring!  I see why Dave sometimes just plops over on the couch and zones out with his favorite show!

Oh, what is his favorite show?  He really likes the British panel shows.  He’s been really into a show called Taskmaster!  There’s this comically mean guy who makes people do silly things and then judges them for it!  It’s funny!  Not really my style, but I’ll watch it with him sometimes, and I do laugh.  The things those comedians do!  Mike Wozniak is an absolute casserole!  Bahahahaha!!!

We already know that Dave’s sense of humor is a bit more… slapstick?  I mean, he liked Airplane! and Blazing Saddles.  Remember that?  I still don’t get it.  Well, I do a little.  I see why he’d find it funny.  I do!  But I like things a little more… subtle.  But it’s fun watching him flop over, whooping with laughter as one of the comedians does something dumb.

Well, I have stuff to do!  Love you all!!!  ❤️

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