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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

Halloween is over.

I didn’t do much for it, as I said.  Truthfully, I know the supernatural exists, and it’s scary enough without adding cartoonish things like creaky castles and bats.  I mean, I was directly touched by it. Several times.  Right?

Oh well.

Kids running around in their little costumes though.  I can’t decide if it’s cute or annoying.


Otherwise it was a pretty quiet day.  Not as cold, but still a bit nippy.  Fall is here!!!  Yay?  Or awww?  I can’t decide.

Crystal is now practicing only three hours a day.  That’s a lot but it’s not unmanageable, and good for her for sticking with it, I guess.  She’s a little wild and a lot damaged, but she’s a good girl.  That’s why we’re all supporting her.

Ummm… oh no.  Do I have to dress like a rocker???  I like girly outfits!  Not leather and black lipstick…

Jack might like it though…

Well…  I don’t have much to talk about tonight.  Just the normal stuff, or as normal as it gets for me.

Love you all!!! ❤️

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