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Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

Ai and the aidols are coming in a couple of days!!! I can’t wait!!! It’ll be so much fun!!!  Sabby’s been on a cleaning kick the past couple of days and we were all roped into it.  The place is pretty spotless.  We found some futons (Japanese futons don’t necessarily have frames) so we set them all out (assuming they won’t want to make piles and I think that’s a pretty safe assumption).  I’m going to drive to Houston myself to pick them up because there won’t be enough room for all of them in the car if anyone else comes along.  But I’m pretty good at driving and fully licensed now so it shouldn’t be a problem.  We don’t have a guest room so they’ll stay in my room but it’ll be fine.  I’ll take the big car with all the seating.

I wonder if someone will say “sharekoube”.  I won’t be able to stop giggling if they do… haha.

So tomorrow other than school we’ll probably have a lot of baking to do and such, because of course we need to make sure they have lots of treats.  Sabby really shines when it comes to having guests.

Otherwise… pretty boring day.  It’s been kind of chilly, aww.  But I keep remembering when it was 105 and how much we wanted days like this, so…  I don’t complain too much.  We’re all brainstorming to figure out things to do with the aidols, but Sabby says they’ll just be happy to be here and see the sights, and… well, she’s probably right.  The biggest challenge will be… they’re not really good at English.  But maybe they can use the time to practice.

Yuki really wants to meet them to.. It should be interesting to see how they all get along.

Gotta go…

Love you all!!! ❤️

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