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Hi!  It’s me!  Lily!

I didn’t write yesterday because I was busy!  So busy!  I ran, and had school, and had dinner, and went to work until 10 PM, then came home, and went right to bed.  It was a busy day!

But work is good.  I met some more of my coworkers.  I think most of them like me.  I think one of the guys really likes me.  I’m sad I’m going to have to shoot him down.  But I will!  I said I don’t want a boyfriend!

I’m not sure he really wants a girlfriend either.  I caught him staring at my floppy bits.  I think it will be easy to shoot him down, even if it’s a sad thing.

Sabby told me that I should report him if he gets too bad.  I will.  But right now, well, some folks at the waterpark saw more of my floppy bits than he ever will, so I don’t think I care all that much.

I worked most of the day today, but I did get to leave at 6, so that was nice.  I’m not allowed to work too late legally, but the owner knows my age and is trying to not keep me out late, or at the times when bad things might happen.  That’s nice of him.  I hope it doesn’t have anything to do with that time I saw Sabby take a walk over there.  He does seem like an okay guy.  Very business driven and professional, but professional people do right by their employees too, and he seems to want to.

Tomorrow after work Liz and I are going to have some girl time.  I miss her.

Love you all!!! ❤️

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