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HI! It’s me! Lily!

A sad Lily.

A really bad hurricane hit Florida today.

I know it’s not the first time a hurricane will hit, and it won’t be the last.  I mean, after all, Katrina was one of the reasons I was abandoned in the first place.  And I don’t know anyone in Florida.  But it’s still awful.  I can’t imagine winds of 140mph.  That’s just excessive!!! And all that rain and flooding and people on roofs… aww.

But I’m sure it’ll be okay.  Sabby says they’ve got a good governor.  I’m sure he’ll get them help when he can.

Emiko was telling me a while ago about Harvey – a hurricane that hit Houston a while ago.  Flooded out the city.  Even Austin got some of that!  Sabby was telling me about that!

Well, in better news, Jack got a job!  He’s working at HEB, you know, the one over on Greenlawn.  It’s not far from him and I hear they’re a good employer.  He’ll be working after school and on weekends.  I hope he’ll still have some time for me!  But I guess I can’t blame him if he doesn’t have too much.  I’m sure we’ll figure something out.  Maybe I’ll go there and make questionable purchases and make him blush!  Hahaha!!!

So remember that prank that Sabby and I were going to do?  We did it tonight!  Hahaha!!!  So the prank was…  the three of us dressed up like cheerleaders, went downstairs, and did a cheer for Dave!  “Give me a D!” “D!!!” “Give me an A!”  “A!!!!”  “Give me a V!”.. .well, you know the drill.  We did pom poms and everything.  He was actually blushing!  Hahaha!!!

And then after that, Sabby went over and sat on his lap, and whispered in his ear.

Then they went upstairs.

I…  umm…  that wasn’t what I expected to happen.  I knew Sabby seemed way too easy to convince.  Hahaha!!!

So Beth and I looked at each other…  went over to Liz’s house, and gave her a cheer too!!!

She fell over laughing!!!

Mostly because we looked up her name and described the hanzi! hahaha!!! “Give me a grass on top of a stop!”  “GRASS ON TOP OF A STOP!” “give me a grass on top of a right!”  “GRASS ON TOP OF A RIGHT!”  “What does that spell?”  “ZHI RUO!!!”


And then we went home and changed out because both of us felt silly in cheerleader outfits.  But I’ll save mine for Jack.  Hahah!!!  I know you read this Jack!  I bet you blushed!  Hahaah!!!

Oh, I guess I’m in a mood.

I did eat a little chocolate.  GIMME CHOCOLATE!!!!!

Sabby and Dave are now cuddling on the couch and seem really, umm.. happy.  And Marie is whining and needs a walk.  So I guess I’ll do that.

Love you all!!! ❤

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