This diary entry is part 6 of 23 in Lily's diary dated 03 - September 2021

Hi!  It’s me!  Lily!

So Allison’s mother came to pick her up.  She was glad to go home, but it was sad too.  She gave me a big hug and told me how much fun she had.  She gave Sabby and Beth one too.  She shook Dave’s hand in an all grown-up way, and gave David the stink-eye.  I’m not sure what he did, but I’m sure he did something.  Her mother told her to be polite, and she said, very primly, “Goodbye, David.”  I think she would have thrown mud at him if she could have.

He looked sad, but I’m sure that’s not the last time he’ll get his heart broken.  He probably deserved it for something.

I know I sound like I hate David, but I don’t!  I really don’t!  But sometimes he’s a little jerk.  It’s not fair to say, but it’s true.  I hope he grows out of it.  I’d like to be his big sister, but all he wants to do is play computer games and torment his sister.  I’ve asked Sabby about it, and she just said to give him time, he’s little yet.  And she’s right.  But still.

Turns out, though, she forgot her gift from the space museum.  I guess I’ll have to figure some way to get it to her.

Otherwise, it’s Labor Day!  It’s Barbecue Day!  Dave loves to grill!  So he’s out in back right now with the grill, hopefully not singeing his eyebrows off, but he’s happy as a clam!   He can be a bit clumsy sometimes, but he does know how to grill!  My mouth is watering with the smells already!  Hamburgers and hot dogs and chicken!  I can’t wait!  I know I sound like I’m picking on Dave too but I love him!  He’s like my father!  But what good is a father if you can’t pick on them for being a little clumsy?  He gets me back, too.  More than once I’ve been woken abruptly by a prank.

I deserved it, too, frankly.

Well, the smells are driving me nuts, so I think I’ll go out and see how Dave’s doing.  Maybe Sabby needs help with the potato salad.  Bye for now!!!

Love you all!!!❤️




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