This diary entry is part 6 of 32 in Lily's diary dated 05 - November 2021

Hi!  It’s me!  Lily!

OMG!  Sabby took me to the hairstylist today, and I look so cute now!!!  Kawaii!!!  I’ll post a picture.  I was sooo happy I was twirling and dancing, though I fell over dizzy and just laid there giggling!  It’s so much fun being a girl!!!  Well, sometimes.

Tonight is the end of Daylight Sabbings!  I mean Daylight Savings!  Hahah!  I get an extra hour of sleep!  And I get paid too!!!  How cool is that?  I’m having the best weekend!  And 15 days to Disney World!!!

Otherwise, it was quiet today.  I worked.  Oh, I’m getting good at riding a bicycle!  I rode it to work!  But I had to take it inside and park it near the back door because people steal bikes! Awwww! But I’m not wibbling and wobbling anymore!  I’m riding!

Anyway, short entry today.  Dave grilled today and I want some of that really good, NON CAYENNE PEPPERED chicken!  Hear that, Dave?  NO CAYENNE PEPPER!!!  haha!  Fool me once…  He is so good at it, though.  He makes the best grilled meat!  I don’t understand vegans!  I mean, meat!  Soooooo good!!!  Don’t get me wrong, I like cows and chickens and all that, and they are cool and cute and nice to have around, but so delicious too!!!

Anyway, enough.  Love you all!!! ❤️