Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

What a weird week it’s been!!! So weird!!!  I mean, on Monday, we get an eclipse.  On Tuesday, garbage bins grow legs and walk down the street. Today, well… nothing too weird happened.  A bit of rain this morning, then it became partly cloudy, and the clouds were really pretty.

Unlike yesterday, when they were just annoying.

I don’t really mind a storm.  I don’t like that kind of storm.

Liz is still a little scared of storms, but she’s been getting better.  She doesn’t call me in the middle of it with a trembling voice anymore.  But I think she still hides under her blankets and shivers a little.

Well, they can be a little scary.

We’re all growing up, aren’t we?

I try not to think about that, but it’s unavoidable.  We’re all growing up.  All of us.  Even the adults, they’re still growing too.  I mean, Sabby wanted to keep her drumming a secret, and then one day, BAM.  She’s a drummer.  She made it very clear that was a one-off and she has no interest in getting back into being in a band, but… she did that for me.  She’s grown up a lot too, especially when she tells me how she used to be, a long time ago, before she met Dave.

And I guess that could have been me, too.  Well, maybe.  Maybe my “gift” would have made that impossible.  But maybe not?

Crystal tried to off herself two years ago.  And now she’s running around trying to get a band off the ground and showing a prodigious talent on guitar.  Who would have thought it when she was laying on a hospital bed with beepy machines and things coming out her nose, and we were all both angry and crying?

Who would have thought Beth would mellow out how she did from when we first met and she bullied me and was very mean to me?  Now we’re as close as real sisters.  We still brush each others’ hair every night and we know things about each other that no one else does.  I mean, I don’t talk much about the hair stuff, but we still do it most nights, and we still zone out just like we always have.

Even David?  He still has his “girlfriend” and they’re showing no signs of separating.  Kid’s like eleven now.  Remember how much trouble he used to get into?  Well… he kinda still does.  But you can tell he’s growing up, too.  He’s less boy and more man now, if that makes sense.  Maybe in a couple of years he’ll be protecting me.  I don’t know.  Well, I’ll be in Japan, but you know what I mean.  I heard him one night on his games telling one of his playing buddies that if they talked bad about me he’d go over to their house and date their sisters.  Or mothers.  Whatever, he was really crude about it, but you could tell he was seriously defending me.  He doesn’t let people talk bad about me or Beth when he’s around.

He didn’t say “date”, actually, but I didn’t tell Sabby.  It was a nice thought, even though it was really crude.

He got a big hug for that, whether he wanted one or not.  He didn’t at first, but, well, he’s a boy and his head is at about chest level, and, well, I let him squish my floppy bits a little with his head.  He stopped struggling, haha!!!  But I think out of shock more than anything.


This weekend’s going to be a really busy and a bit weird weekend, too.  Hope everything works out.  Jack and I have been doing our dancing lessons, and we’re getting okay at it.  He won’t be embarrassed, and neither will I, and that’s about all we can hope for, I guess.

Well…  time for bed.

Love you all!!! ❤️