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Hi! It’s me! Lily!

And the honeymoon’s over!

Well… figuratively, anyway.

Jack and I had a long talk tonight.  He’s grounded, but they’re letting him chat with me online, anyway.  They seem to like me, so they don’t want to get in our way too much.  Jack did enough of that himself!

He’s…  not doing too great.

He thought he lost me.

Well, he didn’t.  If he keeps that kind of thing up then we’ll have some problems, but he didn’t.  So I told him that.  I told him that I chose him from the beginning, I’m sticking with him, and if he does that again we’re going to have some problems.

I’m still not entirely sure he knows what he did wrong.  See, he wasn’t raised with church.  He rarely goes to church.  He doesn’t understand church.  And, well, I haven’t always been the best role model, either.  I mean, remember what I did at the beginning, getting caught checking a waifu game, and rocking out to babymetal?  I don’t think he realized that people go there for a reason, and that people like to hear what the pastor has to say.

(sometimes I don’t understand why, but that’s still what church is for).

After a little while I think I finally got through to him a little bit.

But I don’t think he’s going to go to church with me again for a while.

And truthfully…  I’m okay with that.  He’s welcome, but if that’s how it has to be for now, then, well, that’s how it has to be.

I told him it was an immature joke.

He countered that I thought it was funny.

I countered back that I can be immature too, but not in church.

He told me he didn’t think I took it that seriously.

I told him I sometimes didn’t, but they’re like my family in some ways, and they’re how I found Dave and Sabby, and how Crystal got help several times, and how Beth found her mentor, and other things besides.

I wonder if he realized all the stuff they’ve done for me, even though I’m not always the most grateful.

Well, he’d better.

But he hasn’t lost me.

I’m still going to marry that clown someday.  And we’ll have lots of kids, and they’ll do what Jack did and he’ll understand then.

Anyway… I think we’re okay.  he’s still grounded, though.  We’re not going on dates for a few weeks.  Sigh.  I’ll miss him.

Maybe he’ll get some time off for good behavior.

Anyway, gotta run.

BTW speaking of mentor, Beth spent the day with her mentor.  She learned a lot, I hear.  Like how to write grant papers and where the best coffee on campus is.  You know, the important things!

Love you all!!! ❤

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