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Hi! It’s me! Lily!

Well, the fallout from Easter Sunday is mostly over.  Jack’s still grounded.  He will be for a while.  But we’re still talking over text and in our group chat, so… I guess it’ll be okay.  I told our gorup chat what he did (after warning him, of course).  They all fell over laughing.

It was funny.  I never said otherwise.  In fact, it was so funny I had to leave the sanctuary and whooped it up in the hallway.  Any other time I woulda thought it was the best thing ever.  After everyone stopped typing “HAHAHAHAHAHA” into the group chat, it calked down a bit, but now everyone likes him.  Haha!!!

Anyway, enough about that, I suppose.

Beth’s in a bit of trouble, too.  But not the really bad kind.  Just the “learning experience” kind.  She spent some time with her mentor today over at the lab, and they had her help run an experiment.

She completely messed the experiment up.  It’s a complete loss.  They have to start from scratch.

But they were smart and gave her an experiment that they didn’t have to work too hard to replicate.  She’s still pretty upset, but it’s a learning experience, and Dave just told her you don’t know what not to do until you do it and it fails.  So no one has any sympathy for her, but her mentor isn’t all that upset about it.  When Sabby asked her what she learned from it, she said she learned that she doesn’t know all that much about science, and the importance of experimental protocols.

None of us but Dave know that “experimental protocols” are, but Beth thinks they’re really important now.  She’s probably right.

It was a really nice day today!  Really nice!  Dave grilled tonight!  We pigged out.  It was a good night.

Love you all!!! ❤

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