Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

And today was pretty boring.  Just the usual.  Practice, school…  the usual.  We’re in that time of year in Central Texas where it’s neither too hot nor too cold, just right, and that lasts… not very long.  It’s also a stormy time, but today was nice.

Yuki came over today.  She’s…  thinking about going back to Japan this fall.

She likes it here in the US, and she feels like she’s learning a lot of English, and that’s one reason she came here.  But…  she’s kind of come to terms with her time as an idol, and… she’s a little homesick.  And she kind of misses the idol life.  She knows she can’t go back to being an idol like she was, but there are some opportunities for her, and she kind of misses not being able to work.

I guess I understand.

So she asked me when I’m going to Japan, and she might come with me.

Not gonna lie, that would be really nice.  To go with a friend…

She’s not really sure, though.  It’s just something she’s thinking about.

I asked her if she’ll regret not finishing her schooling here, and she just kind of pffted.  “If I came here only for school, I’d have gone to a better school then some community college in Austin, don’t you think?  I came here to get away from the fame, and this seemed like a place where no one would know me, and the school quality was okay.  I can finish my schooling in Japan if I want.”

Can’t argue with that, I guess.

Come to think of it, I never really asked her why she chose Austin Community College, of all places.  I mean, that’s a reason, but otherwise it just kinda seems like she just rolled a die and ended up here.  I’ll have to ask someday.

I mean I’m glad she did because I met her, but…  it doesn’t make a lot of sense.

I asked Jack what he thought of the prom, and he said it was fun, but only because he went with me.  He seems like he can take or leave most of his classmates, and mostly leave.  He’s also a little ticked at all those girls making a scene over “train onee-chan”, but I think that’s mostly because he wasn’t expecting it.  Even now, there’s a lot of chattering going on when they think he doesn’t hear about how he won the girlfriend lottery.  They’re not being mean or anything, it’s not like they’re saying “why’s a hot girl like her with a loser like him?”, but they are a little confused by the whole thing.

And so is he, really.  Like, why are they so interested in train onee-chan?  I just went to Japan and did a stupid video.  It’s not like I’m a celebrity or anything.

Well, not a major one.  I guess the fact that they all knew me and stuff kind of makes me a minor one.


After school friends idol light music club has moved on from that video, but they still perform the song every now and then at their concerts.  They’ve taken to putting the video up on the big screen, and interspersing it from footage of the actual event.  So…  quite a few of my sisters have their faces all over the big screen at a concert, and no one even knows who they are.  Isn’t that weird?

Well….  heh.  Lips zipped.  I haven’t told them.  Maybe someday soon.

Anyway…  oh!  We’re having an actually legit popular band at the shop this weekend!  There’s not a lot of room and the tickets are already sold out, but it sounds like fun!  Sabby’s really on board with getting a bigger venue now.  We don’t want to be too big, but too small a live house and we don’t make as much money.  It’s not one of those household name stars, but they’ve got a lot of followers on social media.

Anyway, lots of words for there not being much to talk about.  But that’s me!!!

Love you all!!! ❤️


From the creator:

The next few weeks are going to be interesting, story-wise.  I don’t have any kind of day to day framework set up, just some events.  Yuki’s idol friends are coming to the US, there’s going to be a lot of practicing and rehearsing and all that stuff, a concert or two are coming up soon, and then Anathema’s wedding.  Poor Joe – she’s going to take all her frustration out on him that night and he’ll be lucky if he can keep his eyes open the next morning.  But I doubt you’ll hear him complaining.  Mission over all!  Hah!!!

And all while the reality of Lily leaving for Japan continues to sink in deeper and deeper.  Poor Lily.  But it’s time for her to leave the nest.

I’ve really been vascillating lately on the subscriber content thing.  A part of me really wants to go whole hog.  The other part just can’t be bothered, and it’s not important anyway.  So… oh well.