Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

Yuki’s friends are on their way!!!

They should be here tomorrow.  We’ll head to Houston tomorrow to pick them up.

They’ve never been to the US before, and their English is not very good, so this should be interesting.

Otherwise, it’s a pretty quiet day.  Not much going on.  Tomorrow Yuki and I (and maybe her friends) are heading to the symphony to do some practice and/or rehearsal, and Yuki’s going to want to start doing training for the choreography and stuff too.   I imagine she’ll be busy.  But that’s okay, she seems to really love doing this kind of thing.

It’s sad that doing what she loves also causes her so much trouble.

Crystal’s new band is coming over Sunday and we’re going to all meet each other.  Even though the band kinda broke up in its current form, she’s still really interested in what we think, and we all appreciate that.

Anyway, it’s going to be an early day tomorrow – their flight comes in super early, so I’m going to bed.

Love you all!!! ❤️

From the creator:

It’s always fun writing people who are away from home and exploring.  Lily and family are good hosts, so it should be interesting to write the next month or so.  Hopefully Yuki’s friends don’t have too much culture shock.

And hopefully they don’t recognize Lily as train onee-chan… oh, who are we kidding, they totes will.

When I first wrote that scene where the girls were taking the mickey out of Lily, I didn’t have any of this in mind.  I just thought it’d be really funny.  But some really fun stuff has come out of it.  Most of the things I write aren’t planned, they just seem to work out.

And, a few… well… don’t.

Anyway, that particular plot point is not done yet.