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Hi! It’s me! Lily!

Not Cat!!!

Did you like my April Fools?  Haha!!!  I asked cat to post!  And, well, that’s what happens!  Funny how when Marie posts we get actual words, and Cat just meows!  Maybe it’s just like a cat to not care!!!

Anyway, a kind of boring weekend, if I’m being honest.  Beth had her date last night!!!  It… well, I guess it went well.  He took her to get a nice dinner, and they went to see a movie – but she didn’t really like the movie.  They went to see the Dungeons and Dragons movie, and…  I guess she wasn’t the biggest fan.  She’s not really a movie girl.  I know we have movies each week, and she watches them with us, but… I guess it’s not her style.

But it wasn’t like she walked out, and he pulled the whole “yawn and put arm around” thing that boys always seem to try, and, well, she let him.  She said it was nice, and she got a nice kiss when he dropped her off home, so there was that.  She wasn’t upset about the date, but she said next time she gets to choose the movie.  If they actually go to one.  A second date looks likely, but not at a movie.

He’s not a bad guy, but I wonder if it’ll last.  He’s…  well…  kinda smart, but not Beth smart, if you know what I mean.  But she likes him and that counts for a lot.

Speaking of which, Sabby got a little peeved at me, for saying that I don’t think she takes me seriously.  I told her that it’s how I feel, and I put how I feel in my diary, and maybe if she wants to get peeved at me for writing it she should at least spend a little time thinking about why I wrote it.  I told her that I spend a lot of time with Beth and I can sometimes see how unhappy she is, and I know she’s trying her best but Beth got so depressed for a reason.

She didn’t much like that.

I didn’t much care.

She again reminded me that Beth was her daughter, and I said yes, of course she’s her daughter, but she’s my sister too, and don’t you think it hurts me to see her so unhappy, when she is?  Would I be a good sister if I didn’t try to do something about it?

Then she asked if I was accusing her of being a bad mother.

Oh, crap, there be dragons.

I said, of course not, but clearly something’s not working, and shouldn’t we work to try to fix it?

Me, I’m not really all that driven.  I take advantage of things when they fall in my lap (and many things have) but I don’t generally go out and seek opportunities.  Beth does, and I think she feels like she gets roadblocked at every turn.  And looking at it, I’m not sure she’s wrong.  She’s 16, there’s not a whole lot she can do on her own right now, particularly with our schooling arrangements, and while they tried with that lab and other things, it… just didn’t work.  She needs more than that.  The college courses are a step in the right direction, but…  she needs more.

I told Sabby that, and she sighed.  Because I’m right.  It just takes her a while to admit it sometimes.

She’s still a bit peeved at me, but she knows I’m often right when it comes to these kinds of things, so…  she’ll get over it, I guess.  Maybe I could be a little more gentle about it, though.  Aww.

Oh well. I’m tired.  It was a nice day today, but up north they got a pretty big storm.  I could see it from here!!!  Glad it didn’t hit me, it had a possible tornado and everything!

Okay!  Time for bed!!!

Love you all!!! ❤

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