Hi! It’s me! Lily!!!

Well, they figured it out.

This morning we were eating breakfast, and Haruka kind of did a double-take.  “You’re… train onee-chan, aren’t you?”

I just sighed.  “Yeah, I am.”

To their credit, they didn’t squee.  They didn’t ask for autographs.  They just kind of looked at each other, then at me.  “How did you pull that off?”

“Pull what off?”

“You know how much an idol just starting out would love to have that kind of attention?”

I just shrugged.  “My little sisters played a prank on me, and, well, that’s what happened.  The only thing I had to do with it was, I sat there and looked annoyed.”


I sighed.  “Yuki, you think I should tell them about the ‘walking shrine’ thing?”

She shrugged.  “Wouldn’t hurt.”

So I told them.  I didn’t tell them absolutely everything, but I told them about how lucky stuff seems to happen to me, and most of the time I just have to sit there and let it happen, and a little bit about how it came to be.

They stood up, bowed, and clapped.

Man, I wish people would stop doing that.

But I guess I understand it.

Anyway, about all they said after that was, “that explains it”, and went back to their food.  I guess they’re not so put out if there’s a reason for it.

They really seem to like American breakfasts, even if they can be a little high in carbs and other stuff.

They spent the morning doing exercises (they’re all a bit out of shape, I guess, but they’re pretty fit all told) and we then took them out sightseeing for the afternoon.  We asked what they wanted to see, and, well, Wal-Mart.

So we took them to a Wal-Mart.

They had a blast.

I don’t get it.  It’s just a store.  A big store, but it’s just a store.  But every time we take a Japanese person there, they just start running around like madwomen, trying stuff on, buying stuff, and generally just having a ball.

Well, I guess I get it.  I’m the same way in Akihabara, just buying different stuff.

After that we took them to the mall, and we went around and saw all the, well, mall stuff.  It was pretty fun.  They had a blast there too.

I’ve never been a huge shopper.  Apparently, I’m unusual for a woman.  Every other woman I know just loves to run around trying stuff on and shopping and stuff.  They were a little surprised at the store that sold Japanese otaku stuff, but I just shrugged.  “Lots of people here like Japanese stuff”, I said, a little embarrassed.

I’ve seen some of the Japanese stuff people here like.

Oh well.

Anyway, tomorrow, I guess Yuki and them are going to practice in the morning while we’re at church, and then we’ll find something to do in the afternoon.  They’re invited to come to church, but I’m not sure they’ll want to.  Yuki likes coming every now and then, but I think she just likes the atmosphere.  Crystal wants to bring her new band over to meet us all and practice a little.

Oh well.  It was a pretty good day, and they’re pretty nice, so it all works out.  I just don’t know where they get all that energy!  I run every day and eat pretty well and they just bounce around me like I’m indolent!  Sigh.

You know, they did ask me a very interesting question, though.  One I don’t know the answer to.  And I think it might be a far more insightful question than even they know.

They asked me which kami is enshrined in me.

All this time, no one’s asked that question, and I never even thought about it.  Which God is enshrined in me?  Well, “enshrine” may not be an entirely accurate word, but… it mostly works.  Maybe I should use a different word if I’m an “ark”, but you know what?  It’s just a word, in this case.

Maybe I should ask it… him.

Love you all!!! ❤️