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Hi!  It’s me!  Lily!!!

GRRR Marie is FRUSTRATING!!! She kept me up way too late whining!  She wanted to be let out of her crate!  I just told her to go to sleep and put in my earbuds so I didn’t have to hear her!!!

I hate having to do that but it’s bedtime!!!

And then when it was morning and time to go for a walk she was asleep and didn’t want to wake up!!!  But I made her anyway!!!  Doodies whether she has to or not!!!

Is this what having a kid is like???  OMG Jack better pay attention!!!  I guess he has his own puppy troubles too!!!  Grace’s dog is kind of the same!

After we got back she crawled up on the bed and went back to sleep, but oh well.  At least she took care of business.

Turns out… Liz doesn’t really like dogs.  She doesn’t hate them, and she doesn’t really mind Marie, but she’s also not her biggest fan either.  Marie came up and sniffed her and wanted to play, and Liz was noticeably cool to her.  But, of cours,e, dogs don’t really pay attention to annoying social cues like people being cool to them, so she brought her ball anyway.

Liz threw the ball just to get her away.

Bad idea.  Liz said “get away from me.” Marie heard “Oh, she’ll throw the ball!!!”  So, naturally, Liz had to throw the ball.

I don’t know if Liz warmed much to her, but Marie put her chin on Liz’s lap and started to doze, and Liz was absently scratching her head, so I guess it works out.  I don’t think it was really fondness, just… there was something soft to scratch and the soft thing didn’t mind being scratched.

Still, it works out.

I haven’t had any more dreams.  But I was thinking…  you know, Marie really doesn’t get many choices either.  She was brought home, she gets the food we give her, and goes to bed when we say, and goes for walks when we say… I mean, yeah, she gets to ask, but we’re in complete control.  And she doesn’t really mind at all!! I mean, as long as she has food and water and a warm place to sleep and goes for walks a few times a day, she’s a happy camper.

Maybe I should be the same.  I’ve got a family, a boyfriend, even a dog.  Maybe I didn’t get much control over that, but it turned out okay.  Don’t you think?

Love you all!!! ❤

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