This diary entry is part 21 of 29 in Lily's diary dated 10 - April 2022

Hi!  It’s me!  Lily!

All the girls came over tonight and it’s DOGGIE HEAVEN!!!

Crystal and Diana met her for the first time and think she’s just the cutest thing in the world!  And maybe she is!!!  I’m not even sure we’re going to play games!!  We’re just going to watch a movie and play with the dog!!!

Hopefully the four of us can wear her out enough she’ll sleep all night.

Crystal wants a dog now!

Oh, did I tell you?  I didn’t tell you!  Crystal’s dad is doing a really good job!  He was able to buy a car!!!  So now they have a house and a car, and maybe they can get a dog soon!  But her father says not now, he wants to make sure they’re a little better established first.  Crystal’s sad but understands.  She can come over and play with Marie!!!

It’s not a new car, but who needs a new car, anyway?

Crystal’s mother is going to go back to work too, soon.  But first they have to make sure Crystal is ready to return to school.  They’re talking about having her come over and school with us, but…  nothing’s solid yet.

Oh oh oh.  Remember how we talked a while ago about how Sabby should open a cookie place?  She’s starting to kind of take that idea seriously!  We’re not sure where that’s going to go, but she’s been working on cookie recipes!  Thankfully just a few small batches.  We told her that we’re happy to taste test, but only a few at a time.

I think my favorite is the chocolate chocolate chunk with chocolate icing and chocolate sprinkles, with a bit of whipped cream.  I wonder why.

Oh well, we’re going to brush each others’ hair and tell stories, and then make a girl pile!!!  I love girl piles!!!

Love you all!!! ❤

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